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A beautiful story out of the ashes of Covid 19.

We are all hard-pressed to find the upside of the pandemic experience. Far too many people are still struggling to claw their way back to normality. Some due to the tragic loss of friends, family, and colleagues, others due to poor health, and billions due to economic hardship.

The beauty industry suffered a disproportional penalty. Using myself as a sample of one, my consumption of lipstick certainly dropped off the scales. A bit pointless decorating my lips beneath a mask! And I had to learn about home tinting within a month of lockdown, to at least be presentable in my zoom appearances.

So, it’s no surprise that hairdressers, beauty salons and spas very quickly found themselves on the tipping point of collapse. At best they were not able to deliver their services for a year. And even though we are pretty much back to normal, most of these businesses are struggling to make back the losses that were experienced. This is very much anecdotal from discussions with my own hairdresser and beautician.

Now to my story. I have been a customer of Skin Sense, a wonderful health and beauty spa in Rivonia, Johannesburg, for at least twenty years. It has been around for decades and has successfully changed ownership only once during this time.

From a very self-serving point of view I was thrilled when they started operating again. Even more so to find that my favourite beauticians were still employed! I know this sounds like a privileged princess, but I don’t care. I am privileged and there is a point to this.

I am not privy to the details, but the owners of Skin Sense no longer had the appetite to continue the business post-Covid.

However rather than simply sell out or shut down they demonstrated admirable agility and handed the reigns over to the beauticians! What a brilliant solution!

Each beautician that has elected to take up the challenge now shares the cost of the rental, and common expenses and comes together to buy products and supplies. My regular beautician beams with pride when she shares the new perspective she has on every aspect of the business. She has a whole new appreciation of how much there is to look after in the business. Suddenly, keeping the water cooler stocked up for clients and a new appreciation of the cost of products is no longer something “management” has to chirp about. It is now every team member’s responsibility.

Above all she has such a wonderful appreciation of the opportunity that they all have, in particular, because they are able to continue operating under the Skin Sense brand name and reputation, which has enormous added value.

My visits to the spa are now more frequent. Firstly because I want to support the beauticians. But more so because I find it invigorating to listen to this young woman at the other end of my feet simply glowing with the excitement of venturing into her own business.

Every session reminds me of the lessons of teamwork, the power of a brand, the importance of being agile in business and most importantly to help the next person up the ladder of success.

I have offered to share my knowledge and skills, both as a businesswoman and executive coach, with this fabulous group of women, whenever they can find time.

But I plead with you to send some business their way so that they can hold on to their careers and the Skin Sense Brand. They are all excellent and you will be doing yourself a favour.

If you live in Johannesburg please contact Skin Sense Day Spa on +27118076281 to make a booking. In particular corporate business would be very welcome.

Let’s celebrate a beautiful story for a change.

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