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I'm Dawn Klatzko, a visionary leader and the driving force behind Anatomy of a Personal Brand and author of The Art of the Suit.


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In my dynamic first career, I made my mark as a highly successful adwoman, founding my advertising agency and film production company. Working with global giants like Coca-Cola, Lego, Bavaria, and local powerhouses in banking and cosmetics, I played a key role in elevating their brands to new heights.


My entrepreneurial journey paved the way for the creation of the groundbreaking "Anatomy of a Personal Brand" program. This transformative initiative provides a unique pathway for individuals to pivot into new careers as Business & Executive Coaches, Mentors, and business consultants. The program's impact is so profound that a prestigious university has incorporated it to guide Honours students in their journey into the commercial world.

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'The Art of the Suit,' a Modern Toolkit for Success

I'm also the author of "The Art of the Suit," a modern toolkit designed to empower entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders. Drawing from my extensive experience in the competitive advertising industry, this book provides invaluable insights, advice, and techniques to navigate the challenges of the business world.

Each chapter addresses practical challenges, allowing readers to tailor the content to their specific journey. As a passionate advocate for personal growth, entrepreneurship, and effective communication, I ensure that "The Art of the Suit" is an authentic, no-nonsense, and entertaining guide for success.

Ready to unleash your potential?

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