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Unlock the secrets to crafting your unique Personal Brand with our transformative course. More than just visual imagery, we delve deep into identifying your assets and packaging them into a compelling message that resonates with your audience.


Why Having A Personal Brand Matters

As life evolves, so should your brand. Our process helps you refine your core values, offerings, and direction, adding an extra dimension to your identity. Just like your favorite brands attract you with their visual presentation and language, your personal brand does the same for others.

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What You Will Gain from this Course

Dive into the background and understanding of how to build your Personal Brand with 18 tutorial videos and 5 worksheets. You will discover:

Preparing for the Journey

Lay the foundation for your personal branding

The Brand Audit

Evaluate and refine your existing brand identity and assets

Your Brand Universe

Define the scope and essence of your personal brand

The Blending Process

Seamlessly integrate key elements to enhance your brand coherence

Package and Promote Your Personal Brand

Craft and showcase your unique brand narrative to the world


The End Result

At the end of the program, you'll have:

  • Clarity of vision, values, and identity

  • A documented brand strategy supporting your personal goals

  • The ability to communicate your brand succinctly in 30 – 60 seconds​

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"Craft Your Personal Brand with Dawn's Precision"

Dr. Nicole Cunningham
Senior Lecturer | Deputy Head of Department: Teaching & Learning and Undergraduate Programmes, University of Johannesburg

"When seeking ways to enhance the visibility of your CV, the latest recommendations often emphasise the creation of a personal brand. However, translating this concept into reality can be a challenging task. Despite numerous resources such as websites, books, and tips promising assistance in building a personal brand, many fall short of offering detailed guidance. Bridging this gap, Dawn Klatzko's "Anatomy of a Personal Brand" course proves invaluable. Not only is the course user-friendly, but it also provides practical worksheets, videos, and step-by-step guidance to help you meticulously craft your personal brand. My students found this course to be an indispensable tool in preparing for the professional world."


What's Next?

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Take the next step by enrolling in our Anatomy of a Personal Brand course. Discover the tools and insights you need to craft your unique personal brand and navigate the ever-changing landscape of life and career. Your journey to empowerment starts here.

Ready to unleash your potential?

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