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My Executive & Brand Builder Coaching is designed to empower ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs like you to achieve your goals and build a powerful personal brand.


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Engaging Presentations

Engaging and thought-provoking presentations tailored to your audience and objectives. I deliver captivating talks that inspire action, challenge perspectives, and leave a lasting impact on your team.

Choose from an array of keynote themes including:

The Art of the Suit

12 essential lessons to help you hack through the tall grass of business.

Alice in Wonderland.
What happens when you step through the looking glass?

This talk provides a fresh perspective – sometimes serious and scientific, sometimes more humorous, to encourage women up the ladder of success.

Take your Personal Brand to Work

A focus on the advantages of embracing diversity in an organisation and how to provide an environment in which your people can feel sufficiently confident to bring their authentic excellence to the workplace.

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Interactive Workshops & Training Sessions

Interactive workshops and training sessions designed to enhance team cohesion, communication, and performance. From leadership development to personal branding, Dawn facilitates engaging sessions that empower your team to excel.


Ready to Get Started?

Elevate your team's performance and unleash their full potential with my Speaker & Team Builder service. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and explore how we can help you inspire, motivate, and empower your team to achieve greatness.

Ready to unleash your potential?

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