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The Art of the Suit

A fresh guide to business success and personal growth.

Book image The Art of the Suit

The Art of the Suit is an innovative, modern toolkit to help you grow and succeed. It provides entrepreneurs, executives, and business leaders with valuable insights, advice, and techniques that will help you negotiate the rocky terrains of the business world.

Drawing on my experience as a highly respected and successful advertising executive, you will enjoy the experiential insights on brand building I share. Applying this to your own personal brand will increase your value as you pursue your goals.

Each chapter deals with a discrete practical challenge, allowing you to choose those most relevant to your own journey so you can immediately apply what you have learned.

I have no doubt you will benefit from my experiences of  business and entrepreneurship as well as the lessons I continue to learn through my coaching and motivational speaking. I hope you will find that the The Art of the Suit is an authentic, no-nonsense and, most of all, an entertaining read.

Ready to unleash your potential?

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