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A strong Personal Brand will differentiate you from the rest. Work with me to unleash your authentic potential. 


Dawn Klatzko The Brand Builder Coach



Achieve Success with Brand Builder Coaching

Dawn Klatzko
Expert Brand Builder Coach & Author

I am a highly qualified and experienced Executive coach and mentor with decades of experience as a leader and entrepreneur.  My coaching toolbox has a diversity of instruments and philosophies suited to unleashing the potential for individuals, partnerships and teams. 

Book a discover call today to explore our chemistry and see if I can support your personal or commercial goals. 

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For Success 
through One-on-One or Team Coaching

In my coaching, enriched by decades of personal rock-face experience, I empower executives to build strong personal brands. I begin with a comprehensive assessment, exploring your background, strengths, and growth areas to outline tangible steps to enhance your personal brand.

The one-on-one dynamic ensures a tailored, confidential environment for exploring challenges, strategising solutions, and accelerating career trajectories. My goal is sustained excellence, cultivating a lasting and impactful personal brand for unparalleled success in the executive leadership landscape.


Elevate Your Career with Brand Builder Coaching

Unlock your corporate potential with my expert brand coaching. Whether for leadership, team building, or personal growth, coaching is your essential tool.

Anatomy of a personal Brand

Anatomy of A Personal Brand

Uncover the power of building your Personal Brand with my online course to learn the art of reinvention. 

Keynote Speaker

Speaker & Team Building

I offer a range of talks to stimulate thinking an motivation for groups or teams. See if one of my keynote addresses meets your needs or let’s talk. 


Invest in Yourself with My Free Resources

Personal Brand Building News, Alerts & Articles

In these articles I share my insights and stories from the professional world. Stay up to date with my insights on personal brand building!


In my podcast I explore what it takes to be a true personal brand in the world of business. Listen now wherever you stream your podcasts.
Anatomy of a personal brand


Your How to Brand Builder Guide


The Art of the Suit

The Art Of The Suit Book Cover

“This book is an overdue gem for those of us not fluent in the know-how of business, but with potential that has been waiting to meet Dawn Klatzko's lucid, practical guidance! Buy it!”
– Eusebius McKaiser (Author, Broadcaster, Lecturer)

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Invest in Purpose: Dawn's Coaching Expertise

Eusebius McKaiser
Political Analyst, Broadcaster, Facilitator, Author and Public Speaker

"Dawn brilliantly enabled me to step back from the minutiae of the daily grind, so as to find and understand my purpose, and to deepen my self-knowledge about my personal brand.


Through her excellent coaching skill, I learned how to think strategically about that purpose while also developing a toolkit with which to live that purpose both in my career and other aspects of life.

I cannot recommend her highly enough; the returns on the investment are immeasurable."

Ready to unleash your potential?

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